Alexander Goldenweiser, “Facts vs. Theories”: a review of Sorokin’s “Contemporary Sociological Theories”


Goldenweiser, ‘Facts vs. Theories’ (review of Contemporary Soc Theories) – NY Herald Tribune 7-1-1928


Posted here (downloadable Word document above) is the following:

Facts vs. Theories

review of Contemporary Sociological Theories, by Pitirim Sorokin

reviewed by Alexander Goldenweiser

New York Herald Tribune

July 1, 1928


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     May 2022

Louis A. Ryan, review of “The Crisis of Our Age”


Louis A. Ryan review of The Crisis of Our Age – The Thomist


“I discovered Sorokin in my local public library at age 17 when I was a senior in high school. … There was a book on the library’s shelves which caught my eye: The Crisis of Our Age by one P. A. Sorokin, whom I had never heard of.

“ ‘This looks interesting,’ I thought. …

The Crisis of Our Age was an intensely stimulating and exciting read for a 17 year old with an interest in history and, especially, the history of ideas. … I could not put the book down, devoured it. It was a very rewarding intellectual exercise for me at that stage in my intellectual development. It challenged me, stimulated me mentally, and greatly expanded my intellectual horizons.”

Roger W. Smith, “Sorokin (Сорокин)”

Roger W. Smith, “Sorokin (Сорокин)”



Posted here (downloadable Word document ahove) is a very through and thoughtful review of Sorokin’s The Crisis of Our Age by Louis A. Ryan:

book review: The Crisis of Our Age. By Pitirim A. Sorokin. New York: Dutton & Co., 1941. Pp. 338, with index. $3.50.

The Thomist: A Speculative Quarterly Review

Volume 4, Number 3

July 1942

pp. 523-533

Louis A. Ryan, O.P. was a professor of sociology at the College of St. Mary of the Springs in Columbus, Ohio.


– posted by Roger W. Smith

      May 2022