“Darkness, Despair, Death Grip Russian Educators” (Sorokin on Russian universities, post-Revolution)



Sorokin, ‘Darkness, Despair, Death Grip Russian Educators’



Posted here as a Word document is my transcription of an article by Sorokin:



Darkness, Despair, Death Grip Russian Educators


Hungry Professors at Petrograd Forced to Load Wood by Day and Lecture at Night in Cold. Unlighted Classrooms


(How are the educators in Russia faring under the Soviet regime? The following article, brought here by an American who has just returned from Russia, is a graphic answer to this question.)


by P. Sorokin

Professor of Sociology, University of Petrograd

New York Tribune

December 10, 1922

pg. A2







How this article got published in the USA, or who delivered it, is not known. When it was published, in December 1922, Sorokin was in Czechoslovakia. He emigrated to the USA in November 1923 (not October, as biographies of Sorokin incorrectly state).



— transcribed and posted by Roger W. Smith

   March 2019






A PDF file is below.



Sorokin, ‘Darkness, Despair, Death Grip Russian Educators’ – NY Tribune 12-10-1922