“Was Marx Wrong?” (a review of Sorokin’s Social Mobility”)


Starr, ‘Was Marx Wrong’ (review of Social Mobility) – The Communist 7-1-1927


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“Was Marx Wrong?”

By Burn Starr

The Communist

July 1, 1927

pp. 323-326

a highly critical review of Sorokin’s Social Mobility.


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      July 2022

Please note repost: Henry Noble MacCracken, “Russia of To-day”


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Henry Noble MacCracken, “Russia of To-day”


“Russia of To-day”

by Henry Noble MacCracken

review of

современное состояние России (sovremennoye sostoyaniye Rossii; The

Present State of Russia)

By Pitirim Sorokin

Prague, 1922


I had previously posted the wrong document; and the full text of this very illuminating and hard to find article was not available.

Henry Noble MacCracken was the President of Vassar College.


— Roger W. Smith

Sidney Hook review of Sorokin, “Society, Culture and Personality”


Sidney Hook review of ‘Society, Culture & Personality’ – NY Times 8-17-1947


Posted here as a PDF file (above) is review of Society, Culture and Personality by Pitirim A. Sorokin:

“Man’s Destiny: A Scientific View”

(review of Society, Culture, and Personality)

By Sidney Hook

The New York Times

August 17, 1947

The review is a harsh,  biting attack on Sorokin’s scholarship and views.



Sidney Hook (1902-1989) was an American philosopher known for his contributions to the philosophy of history, the philosophy of education, political theory, and ethics. After embracing Communism in his youth, Hook was later known for his criticisms of totalitarianism, both fascism, and Marxism-Leninism.


— Roger W. Smith

     March 2018