another early photograph of Sorokin




published in The Daily Illini (The University of Illinois)

March 12, 1924


Sorokin, who arrived in the United States only a few months earlier, was on a lecture tour.

Sorokin in 1924




The Michigan Alumnus

vol. XXX, no. 28

May 8, 1924

pg. 884

two more rare Sorokin photos



Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin, Harvard Crimson, September 28 1933


Pitirim Sorokin, California Daily Bruin, UCLA, July 2, 1937


3 more rare (as far as I know) photos of Sorokin




Boston Daily Record, October 6, 1937


undated photo of Sorokin


Harvard Research Center in Creative Altruism, 1955


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a rare Sorokin photo





Sorokin and family, presumably in Winchester, Massachusetts, 1930s

I have not seen this photo before.


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Sorokin and Elena (a favorite Sorokin photo of mine)




Sorokin adjusted-


Питирим и Елена Сорокины. 1921 г., Тамбов (рядом с Еленой – предположительно ее сводный брат, второй справа – ее отец)


Pitirim and Elena Sorokina. 1921, Tambov (next to Elena – presumably her half-brother; her father is second from the right)


The photo was taken the year before Sorokin was exiled from Russia. His wife left to join him in the United States in 1924.



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a rare Sorokin photograph






Students and teachers of the Jurisprudence Faculty of the Imperial Saint-Petersburg University, around 1913-1914. Standing in second row: sixth from right: P. A. Sorokin.



personal archive of Prof. A.V. Gordon, Moscow

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my favorite Sorokin photo




Sorokin 1917
Pitirim Sorokin in St. Petersburg, 1917; from cover of The Unknown Sorokin: His Life in Russia and the Essay on Suicide,  edited by Denny Vǻgerö


Such a handsome young man. Sorokin was age twenty-eight at the time. In his face and expression, one can see the earnestness and idealism that would manifest itself in his life and writings.



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a photo of Sorokin and Kerensky






Kerensky, Sorokin meet in Boston – Christian Sci Monitor 3-9-1938


This photo appeared in The Christian Science Monitor (published in Boston, Massachusetts) in the following article:


“Kerensky Sees Fall of Soviet Dictatorship: Colleagues of Revolution Meet in Boston

The Christian Science Monitor

March 9, 1938

pg. 10


On the evening of March 9, the day the article appeared, Kerensky spoke at the Ford Hall Forum in Boston. His lecture was entitled “On Behalf of Democracy.”

In the conclusion of the article, it is stated: “The last meeting between Mr. Kerensky and his secretary [Sorokin] occurred nearly 18 years ago in Berlin. This was four years after Mr. Kerensky’s escape and already the Soviet Regime was sending its roots into Russian soil. Yet like his former superior, Sorokin believes the Soviet Union some day will collapse.”


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Sorokin working in his azalea garden




Sorokin working in his azalea garden - Boston Sunday Globe 5-23-1954
This photo of Sorokin in the yard of his Winchester, Massachusetts home appeared in the Boston Sunday Globe of May 23, 1954 under the headline “Winchester Hillside Aglow With Azaleas, Grown by Harvard Professor.”






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