“Dr. Sorokine Is Guest of English Club at Luncheon” (an early glimpse of Sorokin the exile)


Dr. Pitirim Sorokine, professor in the University of Petrograd, who spoke twice in Millikin auditorium Friday, was guest of honor at a luncheon in the Yellow Lantern at 12:30, given by the English club of the university.

Following luncheon, Dr. Sorokine spoke briefly and humorously on his personal experiences. He characterized himself as the son of a Russian laborer and of the daughter of a peasant, and said his experiences therefore were not the experiences of the nobility; that, in fact, he knew nothing of that side of Russian life.

He had what is apparently the fate of all educated Russians. He was condemned to death, but escaped and went to Prague on the invitation of President Masaryk of Czechoslovakia, a personal friend of Dr. Sorokine’s. He remained there 11 months, and then came to America, where he declares he thinks he will stay.

“I have always been an admirer of your country,” he said, “more so than ever now that I know you intimately instead of from across the sea. I was glad when some of your universities asked me to come to speak to their classes.”

Dr. Sorokine is the house guest of Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Smith while in Decatur.


— “Dr. Sorokine Is Guest of English Club at Luncheon; Millikin Lecturer Being Entertained in W. W. Smith Home,” Decatur Herald (Decatur, Illinois), Saturday, March 22, 1924, pg. 8




Millikin University is a private university in Decatur, Illinois. It was founded in 1901 by prominent Decatur businessman James Millikin and is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA).


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“Almost Any Catastrophe Would Fit Into Harvard Professor’s Thesis”


‘almost any catastrophe would fit into Harvard’ prof’s thesis’ – Balt Sun 10-2-1935


He Told Us So

Almost Any Catastrophe Would Fit Into Harvard Professor’s Thesis

By U. P. Ives

The Baltimore Sun, October 2, 1939, pg. 8


Full article posted above as a downloadable PDF file.


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“Winchester Hillside Aglow With Azaleas, Grown by Harvard Professor”


‘Winchester Hillside Aglow with Azaleas’ – Boston Globe 5-23-1954


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“Winchester Hillside Aglow With Azaleas, Grown by Harvard Professor,” by George Talomis, Boston Globe, May 23, 1954, pg. A32

An article about Sorokin’s famous garden in his yard in Winchester, Massachusetts.


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“Creative Calamity” (editorial re Sorokin)


‘Creative Calamnity’ (editorial) – Wash Post 11-2-1942


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“Creative Calamity” (editorial), The Washington Post, November 2, 1942, pg. 10

It discusses Sorokin’s views with reference to his The Crisis of Our Age and Man and Society in Calamity.


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Sorokin, émigré in Berlin, his views on the Russian intelligentsia, 1922


‘Changing Russia; Lead of the Intellectuals’ – Times of India 12-20-1922


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“Changing Russia: Lead of the Intellectuals,” The Times of India, December 20, 1922, pg. 18

The scanned article which I have downloaded from Internet database has blank spaces; some of the text is not readable. But, the article is interesting from a biographical point of view, since it notes that Sorokin had arrived in Berlin and summarizes an article of his in the a Russian daily published in Berlin wherein Sorokin discusses view of the Russian intelligensia under Bolshevism.


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article re retirement of P. A. Sorokin


re retirement of Sorokin – NY Times 3-24-1955


Above is a downloadable PDF file re the retirement of P. A. Sorokin from teaching duties at  Harvard University.


“Sociologist at Harvard Quitting Teaching Post”

The New York Times

March 24, 1955