“In Memoriam: P. A. Sorokin” (Supplement, Indian Journal of Social Research, 1968)


tributes to Sorokin – Indian Journal of Social Research, April 1968


Posted here (PDF file above) is a series of post mortem tributes to Pitirim A. Sorokin that were published in in 1968 as a special supplement to the Indian Journal of Social Research, Volume IX, Number 1 (April 1968), pp. i-xvi

“In Memoriam: Pitirm Alexanderovich Sorokin: January 21, 1889-Feburary 10, 1968,” pp. i-iii

“Reminiscences of Sorokin,” by Charles P. Loomis, pp. iv-viii (written by Professor Loomis in 1959 and published posthumously)


by Carle C. Zimmerman, pp. ix-xii

by Kenneth V. Lottich, pp. xii-xiii

The New York Times (reprinted from an anonymous obituary, condensed and slightly edited), pp. xiii-xiv

by Kewal Motwani, pp. xiv-xv

by Arnold J. Toynbee, pg. xvi

by Michael V. Belok, pg. xvi

by Santosh K. Nandy, pg. xvi

The editor of the journal, responsible for assembling the supplement, was G. C. Hallen, Professor of Sociology at J. V. College, Baraut (Meerut), India


— posted by Roger W. Smith

     August 2019